If X Then Why:

Purpose Focused Coaching for Movement Educators

One-on-one and Small Group Coaching


Calling all Movement Educators!  Do you want to wake up every day feeling passionate about your life? Do you want to spend precious time on things that really matter to you?  Do you want to make money doing things that feel worthwhile?


  • Each one of us has a WHY; a personal operating system that is deeper than the activities we engage in.
  • Each of us has a desire to approach our life and work in a way that feels authentic, real, and soul-driven.
  • Each one of us has a deep desire to live bigger, more impactful lives but we just need a clearer picture of how.


When we live our lives and plan our careers with clarity about what that WHY actually is we stop burning out and we start creating things that suit us. The result is a life lived authentically, happily, and purposefully.


#ifXthenWhy is a program that helps you find that soul-driven WHY so you can reconnect to passionate living, spend time on things that matter and start making money according to your deepest values.    


When you know WHY you can make plans, choose clients and schedule programs that are aligned with your highest purpose instead of your deepest fears.


When we live according to WHY we stop trying to make ourselves happy by packing our to-do list with meaningless busyness and we start attacking life with a purpose and a drive that is unique to us.


Program Highlights:

Identify your “WHY”– As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it.”    For many years, I wondered why some days at work were amazing and energizing and some were life sucking and frustrating.  When I began to examine what motivated me–essentially my ” Why”– I saw that I was often working at odds with what was true for me.


Lifestyle Design–Once you have a real sense of your deep operating system we will begin to craft a lifestyle that supports your WHY and sets you up to thrive.  


Bullet Proof Self-Care Routines– Some time will be devoted to identifying your self-care musts and to putting in place a system/routine that is fool proof and nurturing so you can keep doing work you love.


Impossible Goals–Once you are on track with what motivates you we will put together a picture of what your BIG life goals are!  


Planning the Impossible–The last few weeks of our time together will be focused on acting on your biggest dream-like goal.


Facebook and Extras–  In between sessions there will be a private FB page to share ideas and ask questions. I will also tailor additional content to suit the needs of the group.

Classes will be held VIA Skype or conference call.  

By interview/invite.

 Email today to schedule an interview and chat about details including cost.